Specialised, professional pre-natal group exercise classes.

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MommyFit offers affordable monthly rates. Each client will receive a workout programme and eating guide.

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Get your body back with our HIIT classes – burn fat and tone up to get that pre-pregnancy body back!

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About Mommy Fit

Staying fit and healthy during pregnancy is one of the many challenges that mums face today. The biggest problem is the lack of knowledge and experience of the instructors at local gyms and health clubs. Many

Mommy Fit was established to provide exercise classes that exclusively focus on pregnant moms!

The Mommy Fit pre-natal exercise classes are designed to strengthen the body for all the changes it will experience during pregnancy. Regular activity such as Mommy Fit classes can help to reduce many maternal aches and pains, increase energy during pregnancy and may speed the labor, delivery and recovery process.

Mommy fit is safe for Women:

  • Throughout all 3 trimesters
  • Who have given birth both naturally and through C-sections.
  • Who are unfit